Great potential of Wazirx Exchange

In today’s digital age no one will be unaware about crypto world. Now to handle this crypto world, one very handy platform WazirX made available by Indians (Nischal Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and Siddharth Menon) for Indian in 2017. WazirX is the largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform within the Indian crypto market and trusted by over 1.3 crore Indian users. Users need to verify KYC information like Aadhar, Driving license, Passport etc. to open account. Wazirx exploring new options for money and begin a journey where computer information and money come together to find valuable things that are beyond expectation. Currently, there are 230 coins and 451 trading pairs available on the exchange.

Some basic highlights about WazirX:

  • WazirX is for everyone:

Exchange is for anyone who believes in crypto and wants to join the digital cryptocurrency revolution. The world is moving on to this revolution at an unexpected speed. With WazirX you can buy, sell & trade cryptocurrencies with confidence and trust.

  • Available across 5 platforms:

WazirX offers powerful trading experience across all platforms – on Web, Android & iOS mobile, Windows, and Mac apps.

  • Offers best in class security:

WazirX team is always trying to offer most secure exchange. Hence all efforts are going on to ensure a highly secured trading platform for India. WazirX protect user funds and data by adopting two-factor authentication (2FA).

  • Does super-fast KYC:

Identity verification systems process your KYC within a few hours of signing up, while ensuring the right KYC protocol and sharply reduce verification time.

  • Lightning speed transactions:

WazirX can handle Millions of transactions. System infrastructure can scale up in a few seconds to match surging demand.

  • Simple & efficient design:

Trading on the WazirX platform is a superfast experience.

  • Built by blockchain believers:

WazirX have a team of hardcore traders & passionate blockchain believers. They have better understanding of exactly what is needed, i.e. powerful graphs, mobile apps, etc.

  • Some statistics about WazirX:

Lots of things are achieved by WazirX  in very short period of  time.

Great facilities by WazirX:

  • P2P Transactions:

WazirX P2P helps us to convert currency instantly and WazirX acts as escrow to safeguard transaction.

How it works??

  1. From buyer side:
  2. From seller side.

Benefits of P2P:

Offers many benefits like faster transaction by auto matching, no transaction fees, safe and verified system.

  • WazirX referral program:

We can earn 50% transaction fee by referring WazirX into our community.

  • Government aspects:

The cryptocurrency industry in India has seen a significant rise over the past year since the Supreme Court reversed RBI’s ban on cryptocurrencies in the country. According to WazirX, they have more than 2 million active users on their platform.

Also Important note by government regarding TDS:

Also to make things more transparent TDS deducted displayed on the order details page immediately after trade execution.

  • Fees structure while trading on WazirX:
  1. Maker Fee: 0.2%
  2. Taker Fee: 0.2%
  3. P2P Transaction Charges: Nil
  4. Withdrawal Fee for 1BTC: 0.0005 BTC

Means if we want to withdraw 1 BTC from our WazirX wallet and move it to another wallet. A fee of 0.0005 BTC will be deducted from the 1 BTC before the withdrawal is processed from WazirX.

 At the receiving wallet will receive 1 BTC – 0.0005 BTC = 0.9995 BTC.

  • Holding native currency plus points:

WazirX have native utility token called WRX, which can be used to pay for trading fees at a discounted rate and participate in the platform’s token sales and other events.

Below chart shows effect of holding WRX on transaction fees.

Some testimonials about WazirX:

Lots of positive feedbacks and praising words are always motivate WazirX team and gives more support to do something more.


Final words:

As we have covered most of topics regarding WazirX, but there are many untouched aspects also. So be curious and be part of such great evolving things, definitely we will reach out at tip of mysterious mountain, from where we can able to see lots opportunities are waiting for you.

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